Volunteering is fun!

HCHS research assistant Linda De Long, left, and
volunteer Diane Pialorsi, right.

Volunteers are a valued part of HCHS. They scan and sort photos and documents for the archives, helping us to keep Humboldt County history accessible to researchers. Volunteers set their own schedules within open hours and receive a non-transferrable complimentary one-year membership for every fifty hours worked.

Do you have a special interest? We will do our best to give you work in the part of Humboldt history that you love best. Willing to stuff envelopes at home in front of the television? We need envelope stuffers in April and October for our Spring Campaign and Final Call.

Would you like to become yet more involved? Consider becoming a director for a three-year term! The Board of Directors is instrumental in guiding the future of HCHS. Elections are held every November.

To volunteer, call Jim Garrison at 445-4342.

Merry Schellinger and Bonnie Burgess paint and polish
the new map room, August 2006.

Bob Felter, Bob Palmrose, and Bob Libershal headed
the team to refinish the front porch in 2009.