Pictured above: Hannah Minor, Dandy Bill,
Margaret Elizabeth McClarty Falk, Jeremiah Scott, Sr.

Marilyn Milota Genealogy Library
includes the following resource materials:

  • Over seventy-five local family histories, written mostly by family members doing research on their own family history. These can range in size and scope from a small folder to a bound volume or volumes.

  • Two file cabinets with newspaper clippings and obituaries arranged alphabetically, with an index to the names filed.

  • Forty-three notebooks with copies of newspaper articles featuring prominent Humboldt County people starting in the 1860s and covering almost one hundred years.

  • Thirty notebooks with copies of newspaper articles mentioning local men or women serving in WWII.

  • Ledger books containing copies of wills, 1888-1931. Click here to view Wills Index.

  • Census index every ten years from 1860-1930 (with the exception of 1890).

  • Great registers 1865-1896, not inclusive, but fairly complete.

  • Index to Humboldt County births up till 1949.

  • Index to Humboldt County marriages, 1852-1964.

  • Abstract of Humboldt County deaths, 1973-1947.

  • Index to obituaries 1854-1950.

  • Index to Humboldt County cemeteries.

  • Large collection of school yearbooks and a six-volume set of school histories.

  • Over 150 oral history tapes and transcripts featuring local folks talking on a variety of subjects.

"Hotel Sequoia," circa 1900. Photo by Ericson.