Above: The Amity Birthday Club, 1976.
From left: Bernice Stegeman, Myrtle Oneal, Marjorie Robinson Stockman, Clara Nichols, Dorothy Taylor, Mabel Ayers, Ruth Beck, Margaret Neloms, Edith Howard, and Ina Harris.

ORGANIZATIONS (includes social, fraternal and non–profit organizations)

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Collection

Amity Birthday Club Collection
One box of records includes minutes, by–laws, financial statements, programs, membership lists, clippings, club yearbooks, obituaries, correspondence, photos and brief history.
The Amity Birthday Club, started in 1952 by a group of black women in Eureka, existed for approximately thirty years to fill the needs of friendship, Christian fellowship and service. They sponsored annual scholarships for college students.
Dates covered by collection: 1952–1980

Ancient Forests International Collection
Two boxes of "raw" audio and videotape footage used to produce the DVD documentary, "Expedition Alerce." The alerce tree is native to Chile and the documentary draws similarities between the efforts to preserve the redwoods and the alerce trees. Tapes contain interviews with Southern Humboldt environmentalists and their Chilean counterparts. Ancient Forests International was founded in Redway in the 1980s and is dedicated to preserving and protecting primary forests around the world.
Dates covered by collection: 1989–1991

Arcata House Collection
Three file folders of loose papers including board reports, agendas, notes, financial papers, flyers, announcements and newsletters circa 1999–2008, not inclusive.
Arcata House is a non–profit organization started in 1990 and committed to helping the homeless.
Dates covered by collection: 1990–2008

Arcata Woman's Club Collection
Eight boxes containing scrapbooks dated 1953–2001, directories dated 1907–2001, by–laws, club history, articles of incorporation, minutes, financial papers, annual programs, membership dues, 90th anniversary proclamation, garden club awards and papers regarding club's dissolution.
The Arcata Woman's Club was founded in 1907 and dissolved in 2002. The purpose of the club was to be "an association for study [and for] social, civic, educational, and philanthropic activities."
Dates covered by collection: 1907–2001

Associated Charities Collection
Two boxes of club records include address books, agendas, constitution, by–laws, correspondence, club history, needy families list, financial reports, ledger with membership dues, and (8) ledgers with meeting minutes 1930–1969 (not inclusive).
Associated Charities was a service organization founded in 1913 and made up primarily of local women who would help families in the community that were in financial need.
Dates covered by collection: 1910–1969

Author's Festival Collection
One box of mostly ephemera items such as buttons, bookmarks, tickets and posters. Author's Festival is an annual event sponsored by the Humboldt County Library where authors, local and non–local, are available for classroom visits, book signings, banquets and fundraisers.
Dates covered by collection: 1983–2005

Avenue of the Giants Association Collection
Two boxes of tourist promotion business records, including an abundance of banking records, membership correspondence and business lists, visitor feedback information, newspaper clippings and some examples of promotional materials from the 1970s and 1980s.
The Avenue of the Giants Association was a collection of businesses from southern Humboldt devoted to promoting tourism in the area. The association was started in 1975 and was disbanded circa 1990–91.
Dates covered by collection: 1975–1990

Bachelor Girls Collection
One box contains minutes, membership and dues books, photos, newspaper clippings and a variety of loose papers which include the history of the club and a transcript of the initiation ceremonies.
The Bachelor Girls club was organized in 1903 as a social club for girls from the Congregational Church choir. This collection was part of a large donation from Mary Harriet DeLong.
Dates covered by collection: 1903–1963

Bayside Garden Club Account Book
One small journal lists dues paid by member name and expenses.
Dates covered by collection: 1966–1988.

Beta Sigma Phi Collection
Five scrapbooks from different chapters of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Scrapbooks contain photos of officers and events, newspaper clippings, programs and/or monthly meeting bulletins.

  • 1958–66 Xi Alpha Rho Chapter
  • 1961–62 Xi Zeta Pi Chapter, Arcata Exemplar No. 1815
  • 1964–65 Psi Gamma Chapter, includes photos of past presidents from 1959–1964.
  • 1971–72 Xi Eta Nu Chapter
  • 1995–96 Zeta Alpha Chapter
The three later scrapbooks (1964–65, 1971–72 and 1995–96) came from the collection of June Beal and cover the years when she was sorority president. Also included in this collection are other materials from June's years in the sorority, including assorted newspaper clippings arranged by year, 1961–1980 and miscellaneous ephemera. Beta Sigma Phi sorority is primarily a social group for women.
Dates covered by collection: 1958–1996

Book Club Collection
1 box contains journals and newspaper clippings recording the club's meetings from 1936–1988. The journals include a list of books read and reviewed, a list of the club's presidents and a roster of members with names, addresses and phone numbers.
Started in 1936, the Book Club's first president was Lillian Henderson, who was instrumental in starting the club. The items in this collection came from her estate.
Dates covered by collection: 1936–1988

Boy Scouts of America, Redwood Area Council Collection

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen #553 Ladies Auxiliary Collection
Two boxes with meeting minutes, receipt books, roll call of officers, correspondence, bulletins, directories and check stubs.
The Ladies Auxiliary was a small group of women whose husbands, for the most part, worked for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen was a benevolent society and the Local #553 disbursed money to help members in need.
Dates covered by collection: 1916–1948

Camp Fire Girls Collection
One box containing notebooks of meeting minutes, a memory book covering the activities of the Koconta Ciki group from 1955–1961, and binders with financial and registration papers.
This collection was part of a donation of materials belonging to Rosa Mae Grinsell, who was an active member and leader of the Camp Fire Girls. The bulk of the materials are from the mid 1950s through the early 1960s.
Dates covered by collection: 1955–1974

Christ Church Parish Ledger
Financial ledger contains a listing of bonds held by the parish along with specific internal accounts (building fund, salaries, utilities, etc.) and amounts of certain relief or mission funds.
Dates covered by collection: 1927–1935

Christ Episcopal Church Collection
Loose papers organized into folders include annual reports (1977–2001), a few newsletters, rosters of members (1978–1988) and a church directory with color photos (1999). Also includes proposed budgets (1978–1988), by–laws and roster of members (1963–1964) of Episcopal Church Women.
These papers were part of a large donation from the estate of Lillian Henderson.
Dates covered by collection: 1963–2001

Christian Endeavor Collection
A small collection containing the meeting minutes from 1905–1917 and registration list for the 22nd Annual Convention held in Humboldt County in 1915.
Christian Endeavor was a youth group that included several different church congregations in the county. Their goals were charity, devotions, missionary work and support.
Dates covered by collection: 1905–1917

Civil Defense Collection
One box containing surveys, hearings, local disaster plans, disaster exercises and disaster relief publicity (including stickers and decals) from the 1950s and 1960s.
The Civil Defense was the umbrella organization that coordinated various Humboldt County emergency services (such as Red Cross, public health, search and rescue, Coast Guard, etc.) and determined how they would be utilized during a disaster –– either natural or man–made.
Dates covered by collection: 1950s–1960s

Credit Women of Humboldt Collection
Two boxes containing scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, programs and conference memorabilia (1960–1969); a public relations kit with press releases and membership roster 1967–1968; and folders with loose clippings, programs, lists of members, correspondence, photos, etc. pertaining to the Credit Women and the Credit Women's Breakfast Club.
The Credit Women were a group open to any woman that worked in the credit department of a firm that belonged to the Credit Bureau.
Dates covered by collection: 1959–1970

De Molay Mother's Circle Ledger
One ledger with meeting minutes, lists of members and history of the Circle's founding.
The De Molay Mother's Circle was formed to help boys in the community by raising money and through service. The group was affiliated with the Eureka Chapter of the Order of De Molay.
Dates covered by collection: 1937–1962

Delta Kappa Gamma Collection
One box containing a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, programs, reports and directories, 1960–1969; member directories and calendar of events for the years 1948–1970 (not inclusive); loose newspaper clippings circa 1950s; miscellaneous programs and club history.
Delta Kappa Gamma is an international honor society for women in education. The local chapter started in 1938.
Dates covered by collection: 1941–1970

Eureka Business and Professional Women's Club Collection
Four boxes contain correspondence, lists of members and presidents, meeting minutes, programs, reports from the local commission on the status of women, financial reports, by–laws, club history, president's reports, magazines and newspaper clippings relating to women's issues (circa mid 1970's–early 1980's).
The Eureka Business and Professional Women's Club was organized in 1924 to bring together professional women and to "encourage reciprocity among business women." The club became involved in public affairs and in improving civic conditions. Three years after it's founding, the local club was admitted into the National Federation of Business and Professional Women.
Dates covered by collection: 1924–1985

Eureka Centennial Hall Association Ledger
One ledger with by–laws, minutes and financial entries.
Started in 1876 with seven directors, the group's purpose was to buy a lot of land on 4th Street and to build and furnish a meeting hall, which was also rented to other groups.
Dates covered by collection: 1876–1900

Eureka Woman's Club Scrapbook
One scrapbook covering years 1962–64, with newspaper clippings, programs, newsletters and annual directories. The Eureka Woman's Club was organized in 1923 and admitted to the State Federation in 1925. In 1962 the club had over 200 members. The stated purpose of the club: "the advancement of all lines of general culture and the promotion of the best interests of the community."
Dates covered by collection: 1962–1965

4–H Collection
Two boxes with one box of materials from the collection of Joyce Moran and one box containing a scrapbook put together by Duane Sallady. Joyce Moran, along with James Van Duzer, was one of the "4–H County All Stars" in 1940. Her collection includes ribbons, cap with achievement pins, newspaper clippings, photos, conference programs, statement of premiums from the Humboldt County Fair and personal and club histories. Joyce was a member of the Loleta 4–H Club. Duane was a member of the Arcata 4–H Club and his scrapbook has mostly newspaper clippings, ribbons and miscellaneous papers from 1949–1950.
4–H is part of the national agricultural extension service, open to both girls and boys. It focuses on rural areas and requires the club members to carry out a practical project, prepare a report and exhibit the results.
Dates covered by collection: 1933–1950

Fraternal Order Eagles, Arcata Hall #1846 Collection
One box with "Secretary's minute book," 1914–1921, with printed key on how to record the minutes. In the back of the ledger is a yearly "Officer's Roll Call," which lists names, rank and attendance. The club met weekly. Also included in the box is a colorful glass wall plaque "Eagles Aerie No. 1846."
The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a fraternal organization that provided assistance to members through medical and funeral benefits.
Dates covered by collection: 1914–1921

Future Homemakers of America Collection
Two boxes of materials from the Miranda / South Fork chapter with two scrapbooks, 1955–1973 and 1972–1976 containing photos of members and state conventions, newspaper articles, programs, announcements and minutes; a secretary's binder with notes, minutes and suggested duties, 1958–1974; issues of "Teen Times" a national magazine, 1950s; plaque with fashion show winners, 1960–65; and framed club charter, 1961.
Future Homemakers of America is an organization that provides young girls with the skills needed to prepare for family life.
Dates covered by collection: 1955–1982

Historical Sites Society of Arcata Collection
One box with lease agreements for Philips House (including maps and property descriptions); membership lists and society by–laws.
The Historical Sites Society of Arcata opened a "living museum" in the Philips House in 1982. Their mission is to identify historically significant structures and places within Arcata and to encourage their preservation.
Dates covered by collection: 1978–1982

Humboldt Antique Bottle Collectors Collection
Copies of the club's newsletter, "The Stopper"
Dates covered by collection: 1966–1972.

Humboldt Art Club Collection

Humboldt County Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Humboldt County Peace Center Collection

Humboldt Fish and Game Club Collection

Humboldt Masonic Lodge #79 Collection

Humboldt Woman's Bowling Association Collection

Humboldt State College Faculty Wives Club Collection

Humboldt Yacht Club Collection
Ten boxes containing the club's entire archives covering 70+ years since their inception in 1938. Included are board meeting minutes, financial reports, newsletters, membership lists, newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence, announcements for club and social activities, races results and standings, articles on the club's history, articles of incorporation, constitution and by-laws. The Yacht Club's continual search for a permanent home involved them in the development of the Eureka waterfront and small boat basin. Their archives include many proposals, plans and lease agreements with the City of Eureka beginning in the late 1940s, including negotiations for their current (2010) location in the Wharfinger Building.
The Humboldt Yacht Club is open to anyone with an interest in boating, but the focus is on sailing. There is a fee for membership. It is an active group, both social and competitive. The club sponsors a number of sailing boat races with their signature event being the Redwood Regatta held annually over Labor Day at Big Lagoon.
Dates covered by collection: 1938–2010

Indoor and Good Sports Club Collection

Methodist Church Collection
One folder with copies of biographical cards of Humboldt County pioneer Methodist preachers, 1850s–1870s and two bound volumes of church bulletins dated November 1903 — September 1906. These 8–page bulletins were published weekly and covered all the Methodist churches in Humboldt County listing services and church news along with local advertisements.
Dates covered by collection: 1850s–1906

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Collection

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis Collection

Native Daughters of the Golden West Collection

Ninth District Agricultural Association Collection

Nomads of Aarudaka Ledger

Northcoast Environmental Center Collection

Order of Runeberg Collection

Pacific Art Center Theater Collection

Peace and Freedom Party Collection

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Redwood Chapter Collection

Pen Women Collection

P.E.O. Collection

Pioneer Hall Association Collection

Pocahontas Ewa–Yea Council #56 Collection

Presbyterian Church of Eureka Collection

Redwood Coast Senior Citizens Club Collection

Redwood Empire Rodeo Association Collection

Retired Registered Nurses Association Collection
One small box with business records containing meeting minutes, by–laws, membership rosters and financial records.
The Retired Registered Nurses Association was formed to promote "professional collegiality," to discuss and foster awareness of advances in health care and to contribute to a worthy cause (such as a scholarship donation to C/R's nursing program). The association no longer exists.
Dates covered by collection: 1983–2010

Rotary Club Rosters

Rotary Club of Eureka Ephemera

Sequoia Chapter American Guild of Organists Collection

Sequoia Club of Music Collection

Society of Humboldt County Pioneers Collection

Soroptimists Club Collection

Toastmasters and Humboldt Speakers Club Collection

Travel Club of Humboldt County Collection

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Purchase Orders

Wednesday Club Collection

Woodmen of the World Camp #238 Collection

Woodmen of the World Redwood Burl Camp #274 Collection

Women of Woodcraft Straight Timber Circle #207 Collection

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Collection

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